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Intellectual Property isn't relevant to me!

In actual fact it is. Are you are an entrepreneur or business owner but you aren't really sure about your intellectual property? Your work could be your intellectual property and therefore of value and your income can also be tied into knowing about your IP. 

This course is geared towards Entrepreneurs and Business owners. It is based in UK Law but has general principles that also are valid across different countries. 

Find out what types of IP are relevant for your type of work and how you can be proactive to make the most of what you do, written without all the jargon that is difficult to understand!

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Meet your Instructor

IP Trainer and Designer Anna Brewin

Anna trained as a designer and learnt about IP along her journey in protecting her own designs. Anna has several trademarks she has registered: 2 in the UK and 1 in the USA as well as her designs being protected in other ways. She is helping people from all walks of life learn how to be IP smart and the courses condense her 1000s of hours and of drama, experience and learning as well as £1000's of her money so she can now help others learn from her mistakes. The courses are written in everyday language with real life examples. All the course content is checked and approved by SRA Regulated Legal Firms.