Learning about Intellectual Property could impact your business success!

Understanding about IP, protecting your work and helping you get smart about using the work of others as you don't want to get sued...

In this live class, learn about how far and wide the impact of Intellectual Property is and which areas could affect you. 

Find out just how much it could involve you and your business or organisation in your everyday work so you can get smart about learning how to protect yourself and others in your creative and working lives. 

The content of this course has been checked by legal professionals, but is written in language you and I can understand, with real life examples that affect our everyday. 

Live Training:

Date: Wed 7th February 2024

Time: 9.30am - 1.00pm

Doors open at 9.00am for tea and coffee.

Venue: The Conference Suite, GMB Trade Union, Clifton House, Clifton Road, Brighouse, West Yorkshire HD6 1SL

Free parking and tea and coffee is provided.

Get smart about Intellectual Property, starting today

Course Preview

Part 1: Don't Steal My Stuff

What you will learn

So few people know about the subject of IP until it is too late. This course is geared towards helping you understand about this vital subject in advance of when you need it.

  • Just how important the subject of IP is and how it already impacts you

  • How knowing about IP can affect your income and could impact your livelihood

  • How to cheaply protect your own stuff

Nike's Success using their Intellectual Property

Nike has used their Intellectual Property to become the world's most successful sports brand. Learn how they did it and how their success influences lots of people today when they buy trainers.

What is covered in the courses

Take a look at the range of topics that are covered in the courses, as well as a whole lot more. 

  • Apple's Success

    Apple had a legal fight with Samsung and lost over not being cool.

  • Mickey Mouse

    How Mickey Mouse makes Disney a lot of money all over the world.

  • Ed Sheeran's battle

    Learn how Ed Sheeran was accused of copying and won his fight in court.

  • Formula 1 Secrets

    Learn about copying accusations on the race track.

  • The world's free gift

    How the internet was given to the world for free.

  • Cult Status

    How Volkswagen have benefitted from their brand reputation.

  • Want a coffee?

    How Costa works so hard to get you to buy from them.

  • How far and how wide

    Learn just how far and wide Intellectual Property impacts

  • Elvis beyond the grave

    Even though Elvis died many years ago, he is still making money today.

  • Get Smart

    Learn about this vital subject that probably already affects you!

  • Who took the chips?

    Learn about the IP story behind the McDonald's global empire.

  • Not breaking the bank

    Learn ways you can protect what you do cheaply.

Hear from one of the students

Gareth D, Entrepreneur

“I completed the course and I found it very, very informative about the rabbit hole that is intellectual property. I found it very, very interesting and very informative as to what it's all about. It gave me a great deal of insight as to how I need to approach things and the pitfalls that could be coming up for me. I'd recommend anybody that's looking to protect their intellectual property to do the course. You won't be disappointed.”
Gareth's review on the IP course

Anna shares about the course

Hear how Anna watched the course and realised just how much it could help her and her husband.

David talks about what he learnt

David found the course engaging and informative and learnt about this important subject in a fun way.

Ali and Rick share

Ali had never heard of IP before, Rick was refreshed in what he already knew.

Virtuoso Legal Review

Hallam Whitehead, Trainee Solicitor

Intellectual property is an abstract concept by definition and despite being coined by Mark Getty as being the oil of the 21st century, in practice many people remain in the dark regarding the nature of the core intellectual property rights and how best to protect and ultimately benefit from them. Don’t Steal My Stuff provides an illustrative and engaging introduction to intellectual property, the value of brand strength, and the importance of being proactive in the registration and protection of your rights. Having completed this introduction to the core IP rights, the creators will undoubtedly be better placed to protect and exploit their talents with a foundational awareness of the value of their own rights and those of others.

Grab the special introductory price for 2 courses live

Course Preview

Part 2: IP Smart - steps to protect you and your organisation

Learn about this crucial subject to find out just how much it could affect you and your creative business or organisation in your everyday work.  The content of this course has been checked by legal professionals, but is written in language you and I can understand, with real life examples that affect our everyday. 

  • What is IP?

    Learning more about this complicated subject.

  • Types of IP

    An overview of all the different IP types.

  • IP Types explained

    What the different types of IP are used for.

  • IP in work

    Understanding how much IP affects our working lives.

  • Steps to take

    Getting smart in taking steps to protect you and your organisation.

  • Right and wrong

    Making sure you use things in the right way.

  • Getting permission

    The importance of permission in everyday use.

  • Will I get found out?

    Being smart about using other people's IP.

  • Infringement examples

    Real life examples where things have gone wrong.

Jiri Svorc's Legal Review

Qualified Solicitor SRA Regulated

IP Smart is an advanced-level course on intellectual property emphasising the unmissable commercial value and significance of IP in our everyday lives, and helping us understand why businesses are, or should be, diligent in protecting and enforcing their IP. The course highlights some key features of the most common forms of IP so that business audience can directly apply lessons learned to their own IP, review their protection and enforcement efforts and rethink their IP strategy. Unlike the entry-level course, this course also provides valuable guidance on licensing your IP to others, as well as on using third-party IP lawfully - all with reference to practical examples. This course is very useful for anyone interested in the creative industries, or in the protection and/or monetisation of IP. It is also highly relevant for and recommended to business professionals or anyone whose encounters with IP extend beyond the logo on their morning coffee cup.
Jiri IP Solicitor

Written in everyday language you can understand

Course curriculum

    1. Part 1 Don't Steal My Stuff Preview

    2. 1. Welcome to the course!

    3. 2. About Me

    4. 3. Why Don't Steal My Stuff and IP Smart?

    5. 4. What do you do?

    6. 5. What you will learn

    1. 6. Let's get started

    2. 7. What is Intellectual Property?

    3. 8. Understanding Intellectual Property

    1. 9. Looking at Intellectual Property in everyday life

    2. 10. Nike's Story

    3. 11. What about other brands?

    4. 12. Brand cult status

    5. 13. Questions

    1. 14. How far does IP go in life?

    2. 15. Some other IP Types

    3. 16. Something simple to remember

    1. 17. How IP can make money

    2. 18. Disney's story

    3. 19. Marvel

    4. 20. Companies guard their stuff

    1. 21. Let's get personal

    2. 22. What about you?

About this course

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  • 63 lessons
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Legally Approved Course

The content of this course has been checked by qualified and authorised legal professionals, but is written in language you and I can understand, with real life examples that affect our everyday. Learn about this crucial subject to find out just how much it affects you and will do in the future. You will be provided a certificate after completion of the course as proof of your learning.
Don't Steal & IP Smart Certificate Example

Meet your Instructor

IP Trainer and Designer Anna Brewin

Anna trained as a designer and learnt about IP along her journey in protecting her own designs. Anna has several trademarks she has registered: 2 in the UK and 1 in the USA as well as her designs being protected in other ways. She has expanded her knowledge of IP beyond the realm of just design to help people in schools, colleges, universities and workplaces learn how to get IP smart for themselves and the organisations they work for. All the content Anna writes is checked and approved by SRA Regulated Legal Firms.