Where do you start?

It can be totally overwhelming

Do you get overwhelmed when looking at creating content for social media? There are so many apps and tools out there, you can wonder where to start. This course is designed to help you navigate this journey. I've come up with simple apps and tools that I've tried and tested in my social media journey, and is just the social media content of the Top 30 Social Media and Time Saving course. The real life demo lessons are concise, to the point, saving you time researching and trying to work out how to use them yourself. I go through these to show you how you can benefit and get started to help give you a wide range that can help you in your endeavours. You have lifetime access to the course so you can go back and learn as often as you need to.

Top Social Media Tools Course Preview

There are so many apps and tools out there, you can wonder where to start. I've come up with simple apps and tools  that can help you in your endeavours. 

Emily's Testimony Bitesize

Emily shares her feedback on the course as an Award Winning Business Adviser.

Annie's Testimony Bitesize

Annie shares her feedback on the Social Media Tools, as a freelance photographer.

Mags' Testimony Bitesize

Mags shares her feedback on the Social Media Tools course, as she works on building her business alongside her job.

Accelerate in your journey, starting today

  • Fun & Funky Videos

    Learn how to do professional videos in record time.film

  • Create create create!

    Tap into great tools and apps to help you in your content.

  • Getting automated

    Find ways to automate your work so you can do other thi

  • Having fun with Insta

    Lots of ways you can get help with using this plafform.

  • Compress and resize videos

    Ways to help with those all important videos.

  • Tell your story

    Find creative ways to share your story.

  • All things audio

    Recording and editing - use these tricks and tools.

  • Streamlining Social Media

    Learn how to plan, organise and streamline your work.

  • Social Media Image Help

    Whether it's creating or editing, all the help you need is here.

Course curriculum

    1. Watching the videos.

    2. Social Media Tools Transcript

    3. Before we begin...

    4. 1. Preparing your photos for Instagram Preview

    1. 2. Graphics Tools

    2. 3. Video Making Tools

    3. 4. Social Media Images

    4. 5. Planning for Instagram

    5. 6. Marketing and Automating Emails

    6. 7. Captions on Android

    7. 8. Adding Captions on Apple

    8. 9. Fun and Funky Videos

    9. 10. Resizing Videos

    10. 11. Video Compressing

    11. 12. Telling a Story

    12. 13. Having fun with Instagram from your desktop

    13. 14. Having fun with Instagram from your mobile

    14. 15. All things Audio

    15. 16. Streamlining Social Media

    16. 17. Streaming Live to Facebook and You Tube

    17. Test your learning on Social Media Tools

    1. More resources for you

    2. Before you go...

    3. Thank you

About this course

  • £89.00
  • 24 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Annie's Testimony

As a photographer, social media is an integral part of my work. It can be seriously challenging and overwhelming to find all the best tools to utilise the social space in the best way for my business. I found the Amanya courses to be an absolute fountain of knowledge, they have helped me get a good grip on where to look and what to use. They are very well researched, written, recorded and presented in an easy to use format, and at affordable prices too. Thank you Amanya!

Emily's Testimony

This course is perfect for any new business. You will need to get your head around some basics for all your social media, web development and general content creation. Anna uses well know trusted brand apps, that are easy to use. Go for it! Plus, the great thing about Anna's course is, it's yours to keep, so you can dip in and out in your own time, as you learn, which keeps you on track throughout your business development journey.

Emma's Testimony

As a creative freelancer working in the theatre and arts sector, design software, social media and communication platforms are key to my working processes. The Amanya course was great for me on several levels; some areas introduced me to new and exciting options of software to incorporate into my working processes, whilst some of the other tutorials helped me to refresh up on tools and skills. All of which will be very useful for me to increase efficiency in the future. The courses are well presented, easy to follow and extremely useful. Thank you Amanya!

Marg's Testimony

There are so many apps out there it can be a minefield. Especially if you’re working in a full time job and have a side hustle, there is no time to figure it all out. This course was fantastic in identifying some useful tools that are user friendly and free to help, even if you’re not an artist or even in business. Amanya takes you through step by step all you can use the app for and how to get started in popular uses. I even learnt a new use for an app I use very often! The course is easy to understand and put into practice for yourself, and well worth the price. Thank you Amanya!

Mag's Testimony

I discovered that this course is brilliant for everyone in this digital age. I was really impressed, it was really helpful. As a social media user with a small business startup I found it very informative, insightful and practical. The course taught me to use apps and it wasn't at all as techy as I initially thought. It's a well prepared course and easy to follow. I've already been putting what I have learnt into action - thank you!
Mag's testimony

Adrienne's Testimony

This is a box of treasures worth opening up. In an age when so many subjects are on line, we need to be able to access so much, and not everyone is brilliant on the computer. Finding out how to market ones products, whether real or virtual, and make them look attractive, is so important, but one may not have the skill to make the most of one’s goods. These modules show you how to do this, with everything explained clearly and step by step with illustrations to avoid endless words. In the past, a distance learning programme would have involved a thick file, explanations and perhaps a few study days to finalise the knowledge. Now with this Amanya programme, you can learn each module at your own pace, taking as long or short a time as you wish to fully understand each section before moving on to the next module. If I was still teaching, I would definitely get this and take time to learn it, and it is well worth the money.

Albert's Testimony

Hi Anna, I've just finished the course and wow! I loved it and really learned so much. It's a sea of discovery and you do a great job to help us navigate those waters. I can't wait to try out some of those tools! It's a great course, superb content, and well packaged. It's applicable to business and personal lives and universally useful even to a Chartered Certified Accountant and Systems Enthusiast!

Simon's Testimony

A very thorough guide to some very useful apps. The visuals are great too. This would be very helpful for anyone looking to improve the social media side of their business, particularly if they are not so familiar with the online side of things. I found the graphics side of things particularly helpful. Thank you for putting this course together.

Richard's Testimony

It can be difficult to find good quality apps for creative tasks but Anna guides the viewer through a useful selection of social media tools in a friendly and efficient way. The pacing is just right to get a good grasp of how to use the tools, so it's useful for beginners as well as more experienced users. I certainly feel I would be able to build on the foundation that Anna presented to explore further and make use of these tools to strengthen my own social media marketing.


Designer and Course Creator Anna Brewin

Hi, I’m Anna Brewin. I trained as a Textile Designer and have expanded my work into Graphics and Surface Pattern and worked for a number of years doing freelance work using my various skills. I have been developing my business into new areas over the last few years as I've been working with Print on Demand companies, following receiving some funding from the Department of International Trade. In my design and business journey I have been spending a lot of time learning how to use different tools and apps to help speed things up for me. I hope the lessons I have been learning along the way can help you too.