Intellectual Property is such a boring subject!

Well it doesn't have to be! The content of this course has been checked by legal professionals, but is written in language you and I can understand, with real life examples that affect our everyday. Learn about this crucial subject to find out just how much it affects you now and will do in the future.

Get savvy about Intellectual Property, starting today

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What you will learn

So few people know about the subject of IP until it is too late. This courses is geared towards helping you understand about this vital subject in advance of when you need it.

  • How important it is to be IP savvy

  • How knowing about IP can affect your income and could impact your livelihood

  • How to cheaply protect your own stuff

Nike's Success using their Intellectual Property

Did you know that Nike has used their Intellectual Property to become the world's most successful sports brand. Learn how they did it and how their success influences lots of people today when they buy trainers.

What is covered in the course

Take a look at the range of topics that are covered in the course, as well as a whole lot more. 

  • Apple's Success

    Apple had a legal fight with Samsung and lost over not being cool.

  • Mickey Mouse

    How Mickey Mouse makes Disney a lot of money all over the world.

  • Ed Sheeran's battle

    Learn how Ed Sheeran was accused of copying and won his fight in court.

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  • Faking it

    Why fakes can get you in a lot of trouble and even sent to prison.

  • KFC's Secrets

    Learn about what KFC have kept secret for so many years.

  • The world's free gift

    How the internet was given to the world for free.

Enjoy the fully interactive course

  • Want a coffee?

    How Costa works so hard to get you to buy from them.

  • Money Making Marvel

    How Marvel make money while they sleep.

  • Elvis is still making money

    Even though Elvis died many years ago, he is still making money today.

Legally Approved Course

The content of this course has been checked by legal professionals, but is written in language you and I can understand, with real life examples that affect our everyday. Learn about this crucial subject to find out just how much it affects you and will do in the future. Then you can download an interactive certificate as proof of your learning.

Virtuoso Legal Review

Hallam Whitehead, Trainee Solicitor

Intellectual property is an abstract concept by definition and despite being coined by Mark Getty as being the oil of the 21st century, in practice many people remain in the dark regarding the nature of the core intellectual property rights and how best to protect and ultimately benefit from them. Don’t Steal My Stuff provides an illustrative and engaging introduction to intellectual property, the value of brand strength, and the importance of being proactive in the registration and protection of your rights. Having completed this introduction to the core IP rights, the creators of tomorrow will undoubtedly be better placed to protect and exploit their talents in future with a foundational awareness of the value of their own rights and those of others.

Written in everyday language you can understand

Course curriculum

    1. Youth & Students Interactive Workbook

    2. 1. Welcome to the course!

    3. 2. What you will learn

    1. 3. Lets get started

    2. 4. What is Intellectual Property?

    3. 5. Understanding Intellectual Property

    1. 6. How does that affect me?

    2. 7. Nike's Story

    3. 8. What about other brands?

    4. 9. Brand Cult Status

    5. 10. The McDonalds Story

    1. 11. How far does IP go in life?

    2. 12. Some other IP Types

    3. 13. Something simple to remember

    1. 14. How IP can make money

    2. 15. Disney's Story

    3. 16. Marvel

    4. 17. Companies guard their stuff

    1. 18. Lets get personal

    2. 19. What about you?

    3. 20. What will you do?

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  • 26 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Lloyd shares about the course

Hear from Lloyd who talks about what he has learn from doing this course and how he recommends others do it too.

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Iris shares how what she has learnt will help her in the future.


Olivia and Samantha's Testimony

Olivia and Samantha share their thoughts about learning about Intellectual Property.

Jo, homeschooling her children

My 12 year old twin daughters recently completed Don’t Steal My Stuff. This was a fun and interactive course, which made a potentially very boring subject both relevant and interesting. Anna has created some great visuals to walk through the course with and a helpful workbook. I enjoyed the course with them as well! We all particularly loved the short video about Nike which gave us all some insight into intellectual property and how a logo design can develop and become a world famous brand. The sessions are short and easy to follow, both my girls were engaged throughout the course. From a home ed perspective it was great to have a certificate to download at the end which we can add to their portfolio of learning. Thank you.

Meet your Instructor

Designer and Course Creator Anna Brewin

I trained as a Textile Designer but have expanded since I graduated into Surface Pattern and Graphic Design. In my design journey I have protected my work through various types of Intellectual Property protection and this has led me to share my lessons and experiences with others. I have then expanded my knowledge in IP beyond the design field to the wider scope of it's impact.