Intellectual Property isn't relevant to me!

In actual fact it is. Are you are creative and sharing and showing your work but you aren't really sure about your intellectual property? Your creative work is your intellectual property and therefore of value and your income can also be tied into knowing about your IP. 

This course is geared towards 2D and 3D Designers and Artists. It is based in UK Law but has general principles that also are valid across different countries. 

Find out what types of IP are relevant for your type of work in this FREE course, which is an introduction to the longer course: 'A Beginner's Guide to Intellectual Property for Designers and Artists.'

Course Preview

Protect your creativity, starting today

Virtuoso Legal talk about IP for Designers & Artists

I am joined by Hallam Whitehead, a trainee solicitor, to talk about the IP challenges he and his firm have helped designers and artists with.

Daniel's Testimony

Daniel, an award winning photographer, shares his feedback on this short course, talking about Intellectual Property as a designer and artist.


Gemma's Testimony

Creative Designer

The course IP Intro Designers and Artists was beneficial. Anna, the instructor, took complex topics and made them simple and easy to understand. As someone new to IP law, I appreciated that the course was presented in short, bite-sized videos, which helped me take the information one step at a time and grasp it quickly. As I approached the design registry for IP protection, this approach also gave me confidence. Overall, IP Intro Designers and Artists is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking IP protection for their works of art or designs.

Catherine's Testimony

Textile and Surface Pattern Designer

This brief introduction by Anna is full of interesting facts about IP - some of which I already knew and some I didn't. A good first step if you are thinking of becoming a freelance designer and artist and need to know about the different design rights.

Course curriculum

    1. 1. An Introduction to Intellectual Property

    2. 2. Downloadable Workbook

    3. 3. Your Instructor

    4. 4. Disclaimer

    5. 5. Creative Industries are valuable

    6. 6. Before you start

    1. 7. What is Intellectual Property?

    2. 8. Different types of Intellectual Property

    1. 9. Explanations about the different Intellectual Property types

    2. 10. Quiz

    1. 11. Intellectual Property and Designers and Artists by Hallam at Virtuoso Legal and Anna

    2. 12. Thank you

    3. 13. Further information about Intellectual Property as a Designer or Artist

    4. 14. Before you go...

About this course

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Meet your Instructor

Designer and Course Creator Anna Brewin

I trained as a Textile Designer but have expanded since I graduated into Surface Pattern and Graphic Design. In my design journey I have protected my work through various types of Intellectual Property protection and this has led me to share my lessons and experiences with others. I have then expanded my knowledge in IP beyond the design field to the wider scope of it's impact.