Intellectual Property is such a boring subject!

Well it doesn't have to be... we are surrounded by it every day and it impacts so many of our choices in what we buy, where we spend our time, what we do in work and so on. It is quite likely it affects your work too but you may or may not be aware of it. Find out just how wide ranging IP is and how it could affect your livelihood.

Get smart about Intellectual Property, starting today

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What you will learn

So few people know about the subject of IP until it is too late. This course is geared towards helping you understand about this vital subject in advance of when you need it.

  • Just how important the subject of IP is and how it already impacts you

  • How knowing about IP can affect your income and could impact your livelihood

  • How to cheaply protect your own stuff

Nike's Success using their Intellectual Property

Nike has used their Intellectual Property to become the world's most successful sports brand. Learn how they did it and how their success influences lots of people today when they buy trainers.

Great value introduction

What is covered in the course

Take a look at the range of topics that are covered in the course, as well as a whole lot more. 

  • Apple's Success

    Apple had a legal fight with Samsung and lost over not being cool.

  • Mickey Mouse

    How Mickey Mouse makes Disney a lot of money all over the world.

  • Ed Sheeran's battle

    Learn how Ed Sheeran was accused of copying and won his fight in court.

  • Formula 1 Secrets

    Learn about copying accusations on the race track.

  • The world's free gift

    How the internet was given to the world for free.

  • Cult Status

    How Volkswagen have benefitted from their brand reputation.

  • Want a coffee?

    How Costa works so hard to get you to buy from them.

  • How far and how wide

    Learn just how far and wide Intellectual Property impacts life.

  • Elvis beyond the grave

    Even though Elvis died many years ago, he is still making money today.

  • Get Smart

    Learn about this vital subject that probably already affects you!

  • Who took the chips?

    Learn about the IP story behind the McDonald's global empire.

  • Not breaking the bank

    Learn ways you can protect what you do cheaply.

Enjoy the fully interactive course

Legally Approved Course

The content of this course has been checked by qualified and authorised legal professionals to check the content is all correct. But it is written in language you and I can understand, with real life examples that affect our everyday. Learn about this crucial subject to find out just how much it affects you now and get savvy so you can avoid getting taken for a ride in your creative, business and entrepreneurial endeavours. You will be provided a personalised certificate as proof of your continuing personal development.

Written in everyday language you can understand

Course curriculum

    1. 4. Let's get started

    2. 5. What is Intellectual Property?

    3. 6. Understanding Intellectual Property

    1. 7. Looking at Intellectual Property in everyday life

    2. 8. Nike's Story

    3. 9. What about other brands?

    4. 10. Brand Cult Status

    5. 11. The McDonald's Story

    1. 12. How far does IP go in life?

    2. 13. Some other IP Types

    3. 14. Something simple to remember

    1. 15. How IP can make money

    2. 16. Disney's Story

    3. 17. Marvel

    4. 18. Companies guard their stuff!

    1. 19. Let's get personal

    2. 20. What about you?

About this course

  • £25.00
  • 26 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Hear from one of the students

Rebecca F, Entrepreneur

"This course was extremely insightful and helpful. I didn’t realize how many things I am currently working on that could be in such jeopardy of infringement! I knew of course the music and writing needed to be protected, but I didn’t realize other things that I should be protecting to be able to make or keep income from in the future. I’m also grateful to know that I am already protecting myself in documenting content and I wasn’t aware I was documenting! It’s good to know that I’m already setting in motion things that I needed to protect It’s like having income and insurance in your pocket that you didn’t know you had! I love the videos and not only are they very insightful, but the are beautifully laid out and engaging. Even the music and descriptions were something I really enjoyed and made learning the content easy and simple. I also loved the stories of the companies you used as it related to everyday products and kept the content interesting as well. The list of things that could be protected were things I had not thought of. I found that a bit shocking actually that there are so many ways we can protect what we are designing, creating and working on. I guess I always thought it was for the bigger companies to protect, but not for someone just starting. Thank you for opening my eyes to areas I actually need to protect and thank you for such engaging course content! I would definitely be happy to suggest this course for others to take as a way to educate themselves on infringement. I feel it is a much needed course for anyone who is working on building a business with any type of product or content to be shared."
Rebecca's review on the IP course

Lonette was so grateful to learn about IP

Running a business and being a Mum of 4 small children, she found the layout of the course really helped with her busy lifestyle.

Anna shares about the course

Hear how Anna watched the course and realised just how much it could help her and her husband.

Hear from one of the students

Gareth D, Entrepreneur

“I completed the course and I found it very, very informative about the rabbit hole that is intellectual property. I found it very, very interesting and very informative as to what it's all about. It gave me a great deal of insight as to how I need to approach things and the pitfalls that could be coming up for me. I'd recommend anybody that's looking to protect their intellectual property to do the course. You won't be disappointed.”
Gareth's review on the IP course

Meet your Instructor

IP Trainer and Designer Anna Brewin

Anna trained as a designer and learnt about IP along her journey in protecting her own designs. Anna has several trademarks she has registered: 2 in the UK and 1 in the USA as well as her designs being protected in other ways. She is helping people from all walks of life learn how to be IP smart and the courses condense her 1000s of hours of drama, experience and learning to help others learn from her mistakes: written in everyday language with real life examples. All the content in the USA courses are checked and approved by a USPTO approved USA Trademark Attorney.