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Embarking on the journey of business in the USA and aiming to secure your brand through US trademark registration? Whether you're an emerging entity or an established business poised to enter the US market, it is imperative to arm yourself with comprehensive legal knowledge in brand protection. This in-depth course offers critical insights, and we strongly recommend you use this course alongside qualified legal professionals to safeguard your trademarking journey with diligence and expert help. An experienced TM attorney can provide tailored advice and robust representation for you. Use this course to prepare you for the trademark journey as a step by step guide so you can go into the process with your eyes open and you can be aware of the pitfalls and dangers that could arise, alongside engaging the services of a qualified legal professional to navigate the complexities of trademark law and ensure the robust defence of your brand.

Course Preview

Trademarking in the USA

  • How much will it cost?

    Find out what the costs could be before, during and after registration.

  • Do I need legal assistance?

    Identify when you need to bring in the experts.

  • Don't forget to search!

    Searching to find existing and potential competition.

3 or 4 hours investment in this course will buy you 50 hours of time

  • Getting prepared

    Having a well thought out game plan to build a strong mark and brand.

  • How do I file my mark?

    The different ways of filing and the stages that are part of the application.

  • Protecting your brand

    What you can do to protect and build your brand and help others build theirs too.

Fast track your process in 30 steps

Firecastle Zone Legal Review

Ross Brandborg, Patent & Trademark Attorney

I recently reviewed Trademarking USA and found it to be the right combination of depth and speed, presenting a succinct and rapid walkthrough of the trademark landscape. The course provided a comprehensive overview of U.S. trademark law, highlighting what constitutes a trademark; covering topics such as what qualifies as a trademark, and the procedure to register your trademark. Without needless minutia, the course stays true with the target always being the registration of your trademark. I appreciated the straightforward, down-to-earth advice the course offered, I highly recommend this course as a resource I’d readily suggest to anyone who wants to wants a quick yet informative introduction to the world of trademarks and the essentials of the registration journey.

Alprin Law Legal Endorsement

Scott Alprin, Trademark Attorney

Anna is a stellar client of Alprin Law, always prompt, professional, and creative. I was thrilled to hear that she was designing a course to introduce the U.S. trademark system to the business world. Her drive to learn and to teach is unparalleled. I wish her all the best as she brings an important aspect of business to people who need to know.

Trademarking USA

Get ready to file your USA trademark

Legally Approved Course

The content of this course has been checked by qualified and authorised legal professionals, but is written in everyday language with real life examples that affect our everyday. You will be provided a certificate after completion of the course as proof of your learning.
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Course curriculum

    1. Before you start

    2. Disclaimer

    3. Course content

    4. Course Use

    5. Understanding IP

    6. What is a Trademark?

    7. What can be trademarked?

    8. What are the different types of trademarks?

    9. Word marks

    10. Figurative marks

    11. Service marks

    12. Collective marks

    13. Certification marks

    14. GI marks

    15. Unusual marks

    16. What are the benefits of having a trademark?

    17. TM, SM & R - which one do I need?

    18. How long do trademarks last?

    19. Business registrations, IP addresses and trademarks

    20. My favourite trademarks

    21. Quiz about Trademarks

    1. What's right for you?

    2. Individual or Sole Proprietor

    3. Corporations

    4. Limited Liability Companies

    5. Partnerships

    6. Limited Partnerships

    7. Joint Ventures

    8. Trusts

    9. Estates

    10. Other types of businesses

    11. Business value

    1. 5 options

    2. Common law trademarks

    3. Unregistered trademark implications

    4. Using the trademark symbols legally

    5. The benefits of a registered trademark

    6. Trading outside the USA

    1. Learning about IP

    2. UK Trademarks

    3. Challenged to go international

    4. Plans for China and the USA

    5. Chinese dramas

    6. USA Provisional full refusal

    7. Decision time

    8. Amanya as a registered US trademark!

About this course

  • £244.00
  • 213 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

Meet your Instructor

IP Trainer and Designer Anna Brewin

Anna trained as a designer and learnt about IP along her journey in protecting her own designs. Anna has several trademarks she has registered: 2 in the UK and 1 in the USA as well as her designs being protected in other ways. She is helping people from all walks of life learn how to be IP smart and the courses condense her 1000s of hours of drama, experience and learning to help others learn from her mistakes: written in everyday language with real life examples. All the content in the USA courses are checked and approved by a USPTO approved USA Trademark Attorney.

* No trademark attorney or legal adviser can guarantee a trademark application will succeed. This course is designed to give the best chance of success in the trademark application but does not provide guarantees of a successful registration.